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Sign up for the Intent-Based Leadership course today and learn how some of Europe’s most successful companies have used Intent-Based Leadership to unlock the hidden potential of their teams. Brought to you from the company responsible for delivering Investors in People Scotland. The 16-week intensive course is packed with relevant material for the modern leader, including:

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Intent-Based Leadership


What is Intent-Based Leadership?

Intent-Based Leadership is the brainchild of David Marquet, a former commander of several nuclear submarines. In this video, he explains the core principles of IBL.

Brought to you behind the team behind Investors In People in Scotland. Please contact stuart.pownall@thisisremarkable.com if you have any questions or queries. 

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What you'll learn

The pace of change in today's world makes it imperative that leaders embrace intent-based leadership.

Commencing on the 15th August 2022, we'll be running our next Intent-Based Leadership training programme.

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Trusted by organisations across the UK

“I participated in Intent-Based Leadership training earlier this year. It was great to working with group with people from various sectors. We all had similar backgrounds, which enabled us to support each other along our journey. The team at Remarkable offered hands-on support throughout the training. I also found my one-to-one sessions to be great value, particularly allowing me to share and reflect on real-life situations.

I feel the course has positively made me consider my approach to leading a team, and reflect upon what methods I choose before taking action. It has also allowed me to develop my skills in listening and empowering my team to find their own answers.

I would recommend that new leaders or people looking re-evaluate current practices would benefit from this training.”

Nicola McLead, Managing Director, Scotland Division Of Warmworks

About Remarkable

Brought to you by the team behind Investors In People

We are Remarkable. You may know us as Investors in People Scotland – we rebranded in 2017. We are a leadership and organisation development business. We deliver We invest in people in Scotland, Investors in Young People and Intent-Based Leadership. 

We see leadership potential in everyone. For nearly 30 years we have changed the way organisations think about their people to enable individuals, teams and organisations to become successful leaders.

We do this by helping businesses achieve their objectives by getting the best from their people.

Course Pricing

Pricing & Payments

Our 16 Week Intensive Intent-Based Leadership programme is packed with invaluable content, and our training is tailored to meet the exact needs of your organisation. In summary, here’s what you’ll learn


Grand Total: £1,650 exc. VAT


Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of intent based leadership is to encourage everyone in your organisation – regardless of their position or job title – to take individual responsibility for the overall goals and direction of the organisation. In short, it’s a ‘bottom-up’ method of developing leadership. 

This course is aimed at managers within medium to large UK-based organisations that are looking to develop leadership skills within their existing workforce. 

IBL is the brain child of David Maquet; a former commander of multiple US Navy Nuclear Submarines. Upon noticing the flaws within the Navy’s old existing command structure, he put in place a programme which drastically improved his ships performance. He is now a bestselling author and an advisor to some of the world’s largest companies. 

Some of the world’s largest organisations have used Intent-Based Leadership to supercharge their sales process. Global organisations include Airbus, Nestle, Volvo, Gulfstream, Exelon, and Airbus. Large Scottish companies such as Warmworks all use intent based leadership. 

Yes, we have a payment plan available. At checkout you can opt to pay in four separate instalments. Payments can be made through your debit/credit card, or by bank transfer. An invoice and receipt will be provided upon your enrolment being confirmed. 

After completing the Intent-Based Leadership training programme, you’ll be well-versed in how to lead high-performing teams in the digital age. You’ll improve your ability to delegate and give real autonomy to your team, improve your decision making process, and bolster the morale and engagement of your team. If Intent-Based Leadership works for some of the world’s largest organisations including Nestle, Volvo, and Airbus, chances are it’ll work for your organisation too.

You’ll be given a certificate of completion, and will have ample opportunities for building your network.

There are plenty of leadership courses on the market. What sets Intent-Based Leadership apart is the methodology itself; instead of being another course packed with usual clichés, Intent-Based Leadership is a verified and proven system that is practiced by some of the world’s largest organisations. 

This course is practical and is built around your needs. Instead of a stale PowerPoint presentation, our team will actively work with you and offer systems, ideas, and methodologies to help you overcome the obstacles your organisation is experiencing. 



Enrolment Deadline


We only have a handful of slots remaining on this year’s training programme. Sign up today to secure your slot on our 16-week training programme and learn how Intent-Based Leadership is practised by some of the UK’s most successful organisations.

Enrolment Deadline


We only have a handful of slots remaining on this year’s training programme. Sign up today to secure your slot on our 16-week training programme and learn how Intent-Based Leadership is practised by some of the UK’s most successful organisations.